Complimentary Tire Tread Inspection

Let us check your vehicle's tire tread


  • Consultation with one of our Land Rover Service Advisors
  • Complimentary Laser tread spec tire tread analysis

5 Reasons to buy tires from Land Rover Lake Bluff

    1. The right tires The right tires for your Land Rover model
    2. Competitive tire prices
    3. Expert installation by factory-trained technicians 
    4. All major brands, including All major brands, including Bridgestone, Continental, Hankook, Goodyear, and more 
    5. Road hazard coverage included on eligible tires

    Tire Service at Land Rover Lake Bluff

    Tires - the only part of your vehicle that should touch the road, is a sometimes-overlooked aspect of car care. They can be easy to forget about, and we sometimes just take them for granted. Here at Land Rover Lake Bluff, our service team knows the importance of a healthy set of tires. From ensuring that your vehicle has maximum traction during all seasons to providing a quiet, smooth ride, drivers can count on the Land Rover Lake Bluff service team for all their tire needs. Whether you're looking to buy a new set of tires or you're looking to learn about available tire options, the Land Rover Lake Bluff team can help!

    The Importance of Tire Service

    Tread Balding

    Balding tread can be dangerous in all kinds of conditions - from snowy roads to dirt and rain-covered roads. With worn out tires, drivers are open to puncturing and reduced traction, which can result in dangerous driving control. Driving on dirt roads with bald tires leaves drivers open to puncturing. On rain-covered roads, your tires can have a difficult time evacuating water due to reduced tread evacuation routes, which can result in reduced traction and control. Driving on snow-covered roads brings up issues with traction again as your tread grip is lessened, resulting in lessened traction. 

    Tire Cupping

    Have you noticed uneven wear one your tires? Possibly, odd scattered bald patches? If so, it's likely that your tires are experiencing cupping. Tire cupping often occurs due to irregular bouncing. This tire phenomenon can occur for a range of reason, most often because of issues with your shock absorbers, suspension, wheel (mis)alignment, tire imbalance, or just low-quality tires.

    Season Tires

    Picking the right set of tires for the season is essential. Having summer tires during the winter months can be a dangerous situation. Ensure that your vehicle has the right set of tires for the weather! Our service team is ready to work with drivers to select a set of tires that provides proper traction for the weather. 

    Tire Rotation

    Wondering whether rotating your tires is necessary? If you want your tires to wear evenly and have a healthy lifespan, tire rotation is essential. Your tires can be worn down unevenly due to the weight distribution of your vehicle. By rotating your tires, you can ensure that each tire takes its fair share of the weight distribution. 

    New Tires

    With the changing seasons, selecting the right tires for the weather is crucial to ensure your vehicle's safety. Assisting drivers in selecting and installing the right tire for your vehicle, our tire center team ensures your vehicle is properly equipped for whatever weather comes your way. With available tire specials assisting in affordability, alongside expert installation for your convenience, our tire center outstrips the competition with the affordable and attentive tire service your car, truck or SUV requires.

    Beyond Tires - The Land Rover Lake Bluff Experience 

    With a team of professionals that ranges from service and parts experts to finance and sales, our team is ready to help drivers with more than just buying new tires! Whether you've been considering purchasing a new Land Rover vehicle or you're just looking to browse our latest inventory, stop by Land Rover Lake Bluff! Our finance team will work with drivers to figure out a financing option that works for you while our sales team can help you find your ideal vehicle. Drivers are welcome to take a new Land Rover for a test drive when they stop by our dealership located in Lake Bluff, IL!  Visit Land Rover Lake Bluff today! 

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