Genuine Land Rover Replacement Battery

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Genuine Land Rover Batteries are built to meet the demands of the advanced electronics in your Land Rover and deliver years of trouble-free driving. The best way to ensure that you're getting the most from your battery is to have it tested, and if necessary, replaced by qualified Land Rover technicians.


  • Genuine Land Rover Replacement Battery
  • Clean Battery Terminals
  • Complete Charging Systems Inspection

Battery Inspection


Let our Land Rover Certified technicians inspect your vehicle's battery


  • Complete Charging System Inspection

Keep Your Land Rover in Top Condition with Routine Battery Maintenance at Land Rover Lake Bluff

Many vehicles are made up of numerous parts that ensure it runs smoothly and without issue. If one of those parts were to fail, that can lead to various issues and might cost more money if they aren't addressed immediately. Nothing can affect the performance of your SUV more than a faulty battery. It powers not only the car itself but ensures that all of your modern technology stays in perfect working condition. As the owner of a Land Rover, being able to effortlessly use your favorite features and benefits might be overlooked as a convenience but that doesn't mean you wouldn't notice if you no longer had access to them.

How To Tell If Your Battery Needs to be Serviced

When it comes to your battery's health, there are a few different warning signs you should pay attention to.

Age of the Battery

A typical battery can last between four to five years and is usually beginning to lose power by this point. There are several factors that can affect the lifespan of the battery and shorten it including harsh weather conditions and how often you use your vehicle. If it spends long periods sitting in a garage without being used, the battery doesn't get enough charge and tends to have issues starting or maintaining power.

Starting Issues

If you're trying to start your car but you notice that it is having difficulty turning over, that can be an indication that your battery needs to be serviced or replaced. Multiple attempts mean your battery might not have enough power to get the engine running smoothly.

Dim Lights

As mentioned above, the battery is responsible for all of the electrical devices in your SUV. If you notice dimming lights or a performance that lags behind a normal output, that could mean your battery is having issues. If the radio cuts out or if your power seats aren't responding, that can also be a sign that your battery needs to be looked at.

Professionals to Diagnose Your Battery

Getting your battery serviced as soon as you start noticing any of these issues can be key to ensuring you don't sustain any more potential repairs. If you aren't handy with cars, we're happy to be the professional help you might be looking for. Our team of highly-trained experts will use a battery diagnostic service to run a test on your battery and the various charging components that make up its systems. We'll determine if the battery still has a bit of juice left in it or if its in dire need of a change and we'll inform you of the status so you can make a decision on when you would like to replace it and get your car back up to a level of high-performance.

When Will I Get My Battery Replaced?

Once we determine if your battery needs replacement, we can replace it right there on the spot! We'll find the exact battery that your Land Rover model requires and we'll even put the new battery through its paces and test it before and after installation, so we can be assured of its quality.

Multi-Faceted Battery Maintenance

Oftentimes, batteries can have other issues arise that don't have to do with the battery specifically. We're here for whatever your other needs might be such as a battery terminal cleaning or battery cable end replacement. We'll make sure that everything about your battery is at top-notch performance and ready to handle your next big adventure.

Keep Your Vehicle Running with Battery Services from Land Rover Lake Bluff

A battery is one of the most important parts of your SUV and you should do everything you can to keep it at peak performance. If you notice any issues with the battery or dimming lights, give us a call at Land Rover Lake Bluff and schedule an appointment today!

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