Car sanitation during COVID-19

The recent development of the novel coronavirus poses new questions for vehicle owners about how to properly clean their cars, trucks and SUVs. The global pandemic has sparked fear in people even as they go about their everyday lives. Many people think to wash their hands after coming home from a public space or before eating. Why aren't we talking more about cleaning our cars?

Next time you're loading those groceries, think of all the germs that you encounter in the process. Not only do we often visit public places when using our cars, we also spend plenty of time inside them.  Now more than ever, it's critical that we take strides to actively disinfect the spaces we often spend time in, especially our vehicles.

Best Ways to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus Through Your Car

The global outbreak of this virus may have you wondering how to best protect yourself from COVID-19. You might think of your car as just a means of transportation, but have you ever considered it as a vessel for germs too?

While it seems like common sense to disinfect your car, many drivers often forget. CNN Travel published a study done by an Expedia car rental company reporting "steering wheels to be four times more germ infected" than a public toilet seat, and six times more germ-infested than your cell phone" (CNN Travel). Additionally, "cup holders … followed by seat belts, the inside door handle, gear shift and audio volume knob" were deemed next in line for "most germs". (CNN Travel) 


Cleaning your vehicle to fight COVID-19:

Wiping high-touch areas

Disinfectant wipes are easy to use and can help clean hard surfaces in the cabin. Most soap and water can also be used to disinfect high-touch areas as they also fight against COVID-19. It's easy to overlook spots in the interior. Don't forget to scrub the door handles, windows and center console.

Be mindful of your passengers

Young children, the elderly and others who are especially endangered by COVID-19 should be protected by your sanitation efforts as well. Double check that you're sanitizing the passenger and back seats as best as you can.

Don't damage interior surfaces

When scrubbing the cabin and interior surfaces, be sure to use the proper products to ensure you're not damaging the vehicle. Solutions like bleach and other harsh chemicals can erode the interior and cause permanent staining. Our parts department carries a wide variety of approved care care products. give them a call for more information. 


Protect yourself from existing germs

As you're cleaning the interior of your vehicle, be mindful of the germs that may be already lurking as well as the effects of any dangerous chemicals that shouldn't be ingested or directly touched. One of the best ways to avoid contact with these dangers is to wear protective gloves.

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Spread the word - not germs

Reminding a friend or loved one to properly sanitize their car could potentially prevent the spread of COVID-19. Aside from social distancing, be sure to follow the proper state and federal guidelines on how you can help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.



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